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Artists Helping Artists

Hi everyone,
I've been listening to some great radio/blogtalk shows about artists helping artists and art marketing. They are helping me put my ideas together about how to go about showing and selling my artwork.

One great one is "Artists helping artists" with Artist Leslie Saeta. Leslie Saeta is an artist who paints with a palette knife to create vibrant colorful paintings.-

A great one is Art and Soul Radio ----

I've completed a painting and hope to post it tomorrow. I also plan to have everyone help in naming the picture.

See you soon


Hello, While I'm at my regular job, the one that pays the bills, I wonder what kinds of pictures to post on here. I've been listening to blogtalk radio and podcasts in hopes of getting some insight on what everyone would like to see. So I decided to post one of my favorites done in colored pencils. I love colored pencils and thought I would post a tiger I did awhile back. Drawing with colored pencil is my favorite and I love to draw all kinds of animals.

I have finished my first small acrylic painting and I hope to post it soon.

Until next time....


Hello and welcome to the blog for Blue Clover Art in West Haven, CT

My name is Lisa Bauer and I am an artist. I love to create art. My main focus is pencil portraits, usually done by commission. Finding the time to create has been a challenge, but now I want to jump right in to doing artwork regularly. I am now branching out to include painting. I'm really not sure what I'll write about here but I would love your comments as I put up posts and my artwork. Please feel free to comment as often as you like.

Here is a sample of one of my portraits done of Lucille Ball. I will try to post pictures often. As my new artwork is done I will also post it.

Lisa Bauer