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Being in the Northeast one of my favorite birds is the Cardinal.  He is beautiful and majestic. 

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Spring Crocus

Being in New England the winter seems so long... I look so forward to spring and wanted to paint some crocus which is the first flower that pops up in the ground

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The King

I'm inspired by cats and they are my favorite to paint.  This one is the "King"

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Just black and white

Found a picture of a kitty and saw a challenge... it was only in black in white... so I did this painting in only black and white. Hope you like it.

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Black Butterfly

I love to paint butterflies. I saw one of these butterflies while on vacation. The other day I saw a picture of one just like it so wanted to paint her.

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A friend of mine admired my artwork and told me she loved hummingbirds and had artwork all over her house. it got me thinking and made me want to paint one. This one was inspired by her.

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From the time I was a child I have loved Koala bears. One of my dreams is to hold a real one in Australia. Since I can't go there, I wanted to paint one.

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Snow Leopard

A few years ago I went to a Big Cat Rescue in Tampa FL and fell in love with all the cats they had. They had tigers, lions, panthers, jaguars, leopards.. too many to name.  One of my favorites was a snow leopard and I had to paint her. Check out my painting:
Took a few days off posting and decided to post one of my favorites for Monday... I saw a picture like this and it was kind of cool.

One comment from a friend about my painting:
I love this because it makes me imagine that there is a tiny world inside the petals. It is a romantic, warm, loving place...the sun is setting..there is peace. Or..... It's like renewed love, awaiting the full bloom, that will release a hearts flame from within.
You can now find my artwork on Daily Paintworks. Daily Paintworks has all types of art work for sale and it changes daily.   I'm trying to post most of my artwork there.   I am excited to be painting regularly and hope to get my art business going.  Doing this and the January 30 day paint challenge gets me back to painting on an almost daily basis.

 Check out my work and also the work of many other talented artists on Daily Paintworks! See my link on the right for my gallery.


This one was inspired by my daughter Jennifer... I was pleased that it looks fuzzy.

Blue Jay

Didn't get to paint today, was working from home so will be listing one of my 30 day paintings...  Tomorrow will be my Blue Jay...Let me know what you think...


Today was spent wondering if the snow plows were going to come down our street.  We had around 3 feet of snow from the Blizzard and the city is crippled... well enough of that....

My daughters have been bothering me to get a new puppy... since we lost ours beloved Dusty two years ago...and I'm not ready... so I figured I'd paint one...  Hope you like it... Give me your comments please on DPW....

Lady Bugs

Today spent the day with the family after receiving 2 1/2 feet of snow overnight.   Able to sit down and relax with my paints....Here is the newest entry available on DPW.

Blizzard !! Come on Spring

Ok we are having a blizzard today... so I wanted to paint something so far away from snow.  Flowers remind me of summertime.  Looking forward to Spring...  I love Calla Lillies and this one just spoke to me.  I hope you enjoy it.. please feel free to comment and let me know what else you'd like to see posted.  Thank you.


Auction time

Well, I am a new member of Daily Paintworks - DPW.    It has been interesting to see how many people are looking and what is selling.  It has been inspiring to me and makes me want to try new styles.

  I decided to do an auction for my lighthouse painting starting 2-7-13 through 2-13-13.   Please check out the link:  Leave me your comments.