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Cat and butterfly

Someone asked me what was my favorite thing to paint and draw was.  It was hard to pick just one so I picked two, cats and butterflies.  I found a picture and used it as a reference.  I loved the cat looking at the butterfly through the branches. 

Check out this on daily paintworks.....
I've been sitting back and watching for a while.  Wondering what is next in my journey.  I had my artwork up in a restaurant which was a proud moment for me, I thought it was cool.  Well the restaurant was having financial troubles and was forced to close.  Luckily for me the owner who is also a fellow artist took my artwork down and messaged me.  I picked up my artwork and now it's back in home in boxes.. oh what to do now. Keeping it positive,  it certainly was a learning experience.

It's Spring time, and that means everything is new.  The flowers are blooming and life is beautiful.  It's my journey and I have control.  So I picked my brush and started to paint again.  I'm looking forward to going out and taking pictures of things to paint here in my area and surrounding towns.  It's just the beginning.

Also, I'm doing the 30 day Marketing challenge that fellow artist Leslie Saeta is putting on.  I am hoping it's going to improve my own art marketing.