Friday, May 31, 2013

Contest extended...

***The contest has been extended***... Since I haven't had a chance to finish my newsletter I'm extending my contest to June 30th....

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Maine Lighthouse

My latest painting, inspired by a photo of a lighthouse in Maine taken by my friend Laurie.

Purchase this painting at:

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Contest- Drawing!!!

     It is day 14 of Leslie Saeta's 30 Day Marketing Challenge.  Today's challenge is to offer an incentive on my blog. I thought it would be a great idea to give away an original painting.

    If you sign up for my newsletter (to start I hope in June) you get entered into a drawing to win y -  "Froggie".   If you like my facebook page- Blue Clover Art by Lisa Bauer, you'll get a second entry!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Day Six Challenge is to create a few photo badges for your website and blog. These are created almost exactly like yesterday's collage but are even easier to create!

Instead of using words to link to a page on my website I use photo badges.  Statistics show that your visitors are 50% more likely to click on a photo link vs. a text link.

You can create the photo badge in ipiccy or picmonkey. All you have to do is upload a photo, add a frame and then add some text. Save the photo badge as a jpeg file and then add it to your website or blog or Facebook page. To add the badge to your blog, use the "add a gadget" option on the Layout page and select "Image". Be sure to include a link so that the badge will take your follower to a page on your website.

Once you have created your badge, post your favorite below and include a link to the appropriate place on your website or blog. Enjoy!

Art Marketing.. A way to validate yourself as an artist.

I found this on an article about selling your art. “How to Increase Your Art's Market Value and Make the Most of Your Career as an Artist”.   One of the many things I should be doing regularly.  It’s one way to validate your self as an Artist.

As an artist, you know what your art means on a personal level and you can certainly convey that to people, but if someone asks, can you also make a good case for your selling prices? Explaining why your art has value from a monetary standpoint is an essential part of convincing buyers that your art is OK to own, especially when they're on the fence, not that familiar with your work or are just beginning to buy art.
Many buyers need assurances because they often don't know that much about art. They're unsure or insecure and want concrete facts about your work that they can understand. Some people, of course, buy art on the spur of the moment and according to whatever strikes their fancy, but they're in the minority. Ultimately, you need to somehow demonstrate that your art has value.
One way you can do this is by keeping good records and documenting your practices and your art. In order to convey the impression that you're a serious artist, you must be able to produce tangible evidence of your accomplishments that anyone can see, read and understand. The following suggestions will help you accomplish these objectives:

-- Join recognized artist organizations and get yourself listed on their membership rosters.

-- Either self-publish or have an art dealer or gallery that represents you publish a catalogue of your work that's at least twelve pages long.

-- Whenever possible, get your art pictured or featured on websites, get listed in exhibit catalogues and newsletters from art associations, juried shows, non-juried shows, local, regional and statewide shows.

-- Get your work reviewed, get coverage both online and in hard-copy publications. Even a one-sentence mention in a small article on a local website is good.
- Apply for listings or entries in major biographical dictionaries like Who's Who in American Art or New American Painting. Only apply to publications that accept applicants on the basis of merit and do not charge for listings. Directories that charge for listings are often vanity publications, not well distributed, not taken seriously by collectors, and ultimately wastes of money.

You're goal is to accrue tangible third-party proof that confirms you're a dedicated artist-- a resume that shows you're active, productive, exhibiting and getting noticed. You want to take that proof and place it into the hands of anyone who is thinking about buying your art. Telling it is not nearly as effective as showing it. So bulk up that list of accomplishments; it's validation from the outside world that you are who you say you are.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Online sites, communities and resourses for Artists

I've been looking around at sites to help in my art marketing efforts and came across this list....

I was unaware of how many online sits are out there...I have only used Daily paint works and for and I haven't used any of the other sites but did verify that they are active sites as of today 5-6-13.

I would love to hear people's comments as to how these sites are if you have used them.

Online Art Galleries, Resources and Directories

WetCanvasThis is an excellent site with areas for all kinds of art forums.  You can post your work, get critiques etc.  There is also a photo reference gallery, weekly challenges  and so much more...
Online website where you can post your artwork and everyday one of your pieces will be on the featured front page and goes out to all their subscribers.  Monthly cost is $12.50.

Epilogue – Online community of artists specializing in the creation of sci-fi and fantasy art. After signing up for a free account you will have the ability to submit your artwork for review and if approved they will include you in their artist directory. Popular site and good opportunity for promotion of your work.

ArtPromote – This is a human edited search engine directory of artist galleries. If you currently have your own online gallery you can add it to their index for inclusion. They also have a listing of resources for artists.

The Untapped Source - Online gallery specializing in photography and digital art. They are always in search of emerging artists interested in inclusion in their gallery. – Online fine art gallery for painters from all over the world. All artwork must be reviewed and approved by their in-house critics before allowing inclusion in their gallery.

ArtSpan – A directory portal of artists websites on the internet. They have plans ranging from $12.95 to $17.95 that allow you to build your own website with the use of pre-made templates, your own domain name and inclusion in their searchable directory. They also have art forums and resources located on their website.

FolioLink – A service for building your own online art gallery. Their site builder users pre-made tempates, they offer assistance with marketing, gives you the option of ecommerce capability and more. Pricing starts at $239.00 a year.

Art Pickle – An online gallery of artists working in various types of media. Allows you to setup a gallery page free for the first year and $30 dollars per year for every year after that.

Art Gallery-Worldwide - Online gallery for artists all over the world. Their service allows artists to setup their own gallery to sell and showcase their work. They will give you a free 14 day trial to test the service and should you stay prices start at $24 dollars per 6 months. – Sell your art directly through their online gallery for free. A free account gives you access to an artists gallery, your own mailing list, upload up to 1000 images, visitor stats, guest book, search engine indexing and a lot more. – Large directory of artist websites, art supplies and resources and more. They offer free inclusion of your art related website in their directory.

EBSQ - Online art community and gallery for self representing artists. With a paid membership you will get your own portfolio, access to exhibitions and special projects and visibility through search engines and their advertising efforts.

DeviantArt – One of the largest artist communities in the world and a great place for promotion and networking. They have both a free and premium account and both allows you to view and submit artwork. – A free online gallery and directory for artists. Create a free artist profile with unlimited galleries, unlimited images and you can send ecards with your own art.

Found Myself - Online gallery that allows you to sell your art for free. They have no involvement in your transactions or business, other than giving you tools to setup a portfolio and paypal buttons. They also have a forum for connecting with artists and art enthusiasts. – An online community for artists that allows you to setup a free blog, so that you can network with others, display your work and accept donations from people interested in your art to keep you going.

Art on the Net – Gives artists a place to setup an online gallery of their own. They will set you up with ftp access, disk space and help you in creating an online gallery for the cost of $60. – Large gallery and information database for artists worldwide. They display the latest calls for artists, have free and premium plans for building an online portfolio to promote your work and a lot more. Nice resource site. – Online gallery that showcases artwork for college and high school students emerging into the art scene.
D'ART – A huge resource for artists. They have an online gallery, an art marketplace, create your own gallery, a directory of artist resources on the web and an art community for networking. They have free, basic and featured memberships.

Yessy - Create your own online gallery with full shopping cart, biography, contact page and more. They have a 14 day free trial to check it out and after that membership is $59 dollars a year.

Gallery Now – Online gallery designed to function like a typical art gallery. They openly take submissions from artists interested in putting their work on display.

The Pauper – A directory for a little bit of everything to do with art. They have daily feeds for artist resources, artists jobs a complete directory and more. Good place to keep up to date on the art world.

AskArt – Calls themselves the Artists BlueBook, they have a little of everything from art jobs to museum and gallery directories and more. Also allows you to setup your own online artists studio to display and sell your work prices start at $16.50 a month.

Art Cone – Online art gallery and directory. Setup an account and upload your work to the gallery, add your websites link to their directory or meet new people in the forums.

Renderosity – A large online community for digital artists. Here you can buy and sell art, display your art in the galleries and setup your own blog to network with other artists.

Artist A Day – Accepts submissions from artists to be included in their gallery. Features one new artist everyday on their homepage for additional exposure.

RedBubble – After setting up an account an uploading images of your work RedBubble converts those images into framed prints, greeting cards, t-shirts and more. They handle everything from credit cards to manufacturing and shipping. You do maintain original copyright over your work and you can set your own prices on the products. - Online gallery featuring artists in various media. Setting up an account gives you access to your own Artist portfolio page, unlimited images, search engine indexing and a blog. Price is $35 per year.
ImageKind - Service that allows you to create and giclee prints of your artwork. You will get a gallery to promote your work within their marketplace and you keep 100% of the sale price. They currently have free, pro and platinum accounts.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Marketing challenge day 4 & 5

We are up to day 4 & 5 of the 30 day marketing challenge (Leslie Saeta)

Day 4 was to set up google alerts.  What is a google alert? Google Alerts are email updates sent to you of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries. A google alert is a great way to monitor what is being said on the internet about a particular topic.

I set up my google alerts to include my name, my company name and art marketing, art business

Day 5 - The Day Five Challenge is to create a collage featuring some your paintings.  I've done one previously with paintings so decided to showcase my drawings.

To create a collage go to the website ipiccy and click on "collage". Your collage can include two pictures or 30, it's up to you! It is so easy and when you are done you just need to save the collage to your computer. You can add text as I have done here by adding a frame and adding space for a caption. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Market challenge day 3 (Leslie Saeta's Marketing challenge.)....The Day Three Challenge is to add twenty new contacts to your mailing list.

 Here is the link:

Todays challenge is to add at least 20 people to my mailing list for my newsletter which I'm in the process of putting together. The first 20 people will be offered a discount on a purchase of my artwork. If you are interested please click on the link and you will help me with this.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Marketing Challenge (Leslie Saeta) days 1 & 2

It's day two of the Marketing challenge and today the challenge was to find an older painting and repost it to my blog along with a link to buy it.  I think one of my oldest ones is my butterfly.  It is indeed one of my favorites.

Here is the link to purchase it.

The Day Two Marketing task is meant to help you promote an older greatpainting that just hasn't sold. Go through your gallery of paintings (hopefully you have one on your website) and pick out your favorite painting that is still for sale. It doesn't have to be a recent painting. Find one that has perhaps not been on your blog or Facebook in a while. Then post it on Facebook and write about it on your blog. Please be sure to post the photo of the painting with a link that goes to the place (on your website, blog or group painting site) where someone can buy the painting. Ideally, this would be on your website.
After you have done that click on the "Add Your Link" button below and post the link to where you can buy the painting. At the next step you can upload the photo of the painting too. (If you don't have the link you can still add the photo. Just leave the line blank.) But remember, it's much easier to sell a painting if you ALWAYS include the link where it can be purchased!

Day one...was to start an Artist Mentoring group.  So I set one up on FB called "Artist Support Group"  Now we have to work on setting up a meeting or chat session.

The Day One Marketing Task is to form an Artist-Mentoring Group. What is an AMG? It's a small group of artists that get together (about once a month) to share ideas, support each other and brainstorm ways to help each other be more successful*. The term "get together" can mean a face-to-face meeting, conference call, Facebook Group or Skype call which means your group of artists don't need to live near each other. So pick up the phone or head to Facebook and reach out to your favorite artist friends and put together your Artist Mentoring Group. You get to decide how big it will be. (Just don't make it too large as it needs to be a functioning group.) Once you have your group together set a date as to when you are going to have your first meeting. It's that simple. That's all you need to do.