Things you may or may not know about me-Day One

The 30 day challenge has begun.  My Theme is "What you may or may not know about me"

I was a cheerleader!   I was a cheerleader for 1 year in middle school and the Ray Tellier midget football league in West Haven,  I was on the pep club for one year (the picture above) and the cheerleading squad for one year.

 This drawing was a quick drawing of a statue/trophy I received for being a cheerleader on the West End Midget football teams squad.  It was a great time in my life.


  1. WOW! impressive. I tried out, but I am a klutz. Instead I was in choir, went to state, so I still ended up with some blue ribbons. hahaha This would be such a cute plush doll.


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